CUDA Course

The 60 hours course of CUDA programming will be offered by our lab in
the spring semester of the 2008/2009 academic year.
The course is open, but the number of places is limited by the capacity
of our laboratory.
The minimal requirement for admission is a good working knowledge of
C/C++ programming language.

For more specific information go to http://bioinfo.icm.edu.pl/algorithm/cuda

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GPU - a future of scientific computations?

Dr Witold Rudnicki delivered a seminar “GPU - a future of scientific
computations?” at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry in Poznan.
He discussed the possibility of applying modern graphic processors in
scientific computations and presented recent developments of our group
in this area, including applications to Monte Carlo Dynamics and
sequence alignment.

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Technology for the Fast Data Access

The project “Technology for the Fast Data Access”, carried out in
cooperation with the Prokom SA was successfully finished on June 30,
2008. Project, financed form the EU structural funds, started in June
2007. The results of the project will be commercialized by Prokom SA.

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Summer training 2007

20 candidates applied for training this summer. We had accepted 5 of them to train in bioinformatic group. Several others has been accepted in other ICM groups. Trainees works on implementation of advanced bioinformatic alghorithms and data processing on innovative hardware architectures.