Paper on Boruta package published

Our article “Feature selection with Boruta package” has been published in the Journal Of Statistical Software.

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Paper on GPU utilisation for database applications published

Our paper “Exploring utilisation of GPU for database applications” has been published in proceedings of ICCS2010.

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Paper on Boruta accepted

Our article “Boruta - a system for feature selection” has been accepted to Fundamenta Informaticae.

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Python basics course, first edition 17.03.2010

Our team provides a short, 6 hours, Python training.

The course is an overview of basic language constructions and techniques. Some examples of using packages from the standard Python libraries were also presented, in particular unittest, subprocess, multiprocessing and ctypes.

The Python basics training is a part of a regular courses in the HPC Centre at ICM UW.

All materials and presentations from the first edition are available at:

Second edition of the course is planned, in the end of April.

The course is open, but the number of places is limited by the capacity
of our laboratory.
The minimal requirement for admission is a working knowledge of at least one
programming language.

For more information go to: or mail to:

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Paper on recognising musical instruments published

Article “Musical Instruments in Random Forest” has been published in proceedings of ISMIS2009 conference.

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Paper on modelling HIV-1 Revertase resistosome published.

Article “A Rough Set-Based Model of HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase Resistome” has been published in Bioinformatics and Biology Insights.

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Summer Internships 2009

Traditionally we offered a possibility to participate in our research to outstanding undergraduate students. Seven students of the Faculty of Mathematics Informatics and Mechanics at the University of Warsaw and one student from the Warsaw University of Technology took this opportunity.  They are involved in several research projects:

Internship program will be carried out till the end of September.

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Hardware grant from NVIDIA

It is our pleasure to inform that a hardware grant was awarded to our team within NVIDIA Professor Partnership Program.

We have obtained Tesla S1070 server, which has been installed in the bioinformatic minicluster krewetka.

Everyone who is  interested in development of CUDA based solutions, in particular in (but not limited to) the field of bioinformatics is requested to get in touch either with Dr Witold Rudnicki or with Mr Łukasz Ligowski

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CUDA Course

The 60 hours course of CUDA programming will be offered by our lab in
the spring semester of the 2008/2009 academic year.
The course is open, but the number of places is limited by the capacity
of our laboratory.
The minimal requirement for admission is a good working knowledge of
C/C++ programming language.

For more specific information go to

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Paper on CUDA-SW accepted

Our article “An efficient implementation Smith Waterman algorithm on GPU
using CUDA, for massively parallel scanning of sequence databases.” has
been accepted for the Eighth IEEE International Workshop on High
Performance Computational Biology, to be held in conjuction with 23rd
IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, May
25-29, 2009, Rome, Italy.

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