Materiały do zajęć 5.03.2010

Zawiera treść zadań + prezentację Marka Harrisa.


Prezentację można również sciągnąć bezpośrednio ze strony NVIDII http://www.nvidia.com/object/cuda_sample_data-parallel.html#reduction

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CUDA JNPII -materiały do zajęć

Materiały z kursu ICM o CUDA z których będziemy korzystać można ściągnąć stąd http://bioinfo.icm.edu.pl/algorithm/cuda/source/materialy_do_kursu.tar.gz.

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Zajęcia 15.04.2009

W związku z dniem wolnym od zajęć obowiązującym na Uniwersytecie Warszawskim, jutrzejsze zajęcia nie odbędą się.

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Laboratory March 18 - sources

Laboratory March 18 - presentation and sources.

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Spring CUDA course annoucement:
Applications of CUDA in high performance computing

Course will be held by dr Witold Rudnicki (lectures) and Lukasz Ligowski (lab).

During the course we will present basic concepts of GPU programming using CUDA. Our main interest is using GPU in scientific computations. We belive that GPU architecture is well suited for speeding up computations for many problems.

During the course we will cover the following topics: (please note that as it is our first CUDA lecture it has a bit vague program, we would like to take liberty to make adjustments to it based on audience feedback and other factors).

  • GPU architecture
  • GPU programming model as exposed in CUDA (not OpenGL).
  • basics of parallel programming
  • implementation of selected basic parallel algorithms
  • adapting CUDA for scientific use
  • competing solutions like Cell processor or ClearStream on AMD/ATI GPU

During labs we will concentrate on practical skills of using strong points in GPU architecture and avoiding it’s limitations.

Practical information

  • localization ICM UW, Al. Żwirki i Wigury 93, building of the Faculty of Geology,  floor 3
  • lecture 1,5 h/week, room No. 3075
  • lab 1,5 h/week, lab No. 3085
  • Wednesday 14-18 (lecture + lab)
  • students will get credit for: attendance, student project, final exam
  • language: Polish, English at request
  • slides from labs and lectures will be available on course site
  • first lecture: 18 February

Please be free to contact us

  • rudnicki@icm.edu.pl
  • lligo@icm.edu.pl

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3





Laboratory 1803 - sources

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